""The Middle" is a short, powerful book about journeys, both actual and metaphorical, through hope and failure, but ultimately towards the suggestion, at least, of some kind of redemption... Django Wylie has given us a stunning novella, sometimes heartbreaking, but always funny. ‘Start over’, the last page exhorts us... and I wanted to, and I will." - Sabotage Reviews

"That’s what the book handles: how to be human. What being human means is interacting with others whether effectively or ineffectively. Either way it is the effort that counts. No one is an island. To live a productive life means communicating with others, reaching out and supporting others. Ecosystems revolve around this notion. Django Wylie’s book teaches people to simply reach out and communicate. Go outside the mind and find new people, new places, and new things..." - Beach Sloth

Shortlisted for a Saboteur Award for Best Novella, "The Middle" is a darkly humourous take on the vacuity of modern middle class life. It is part coming-of-age story, and part reflection on the absurdities that colour life with both melancholy and happiness.

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  • fiction literature literary fiction novella contemporary satire existential irony alt lit london
    Language: English / Published: 07 October 2012


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